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Goblin (Tyler- the Creator) More Than Just Twisted – Unpacking a Controversial Classic

“Goblin” (Tyler, the Creator): More Than Just Twisted – Unpacking a Controversial Classic

You know Tyler, the Creator doesn’t play it safe. His debut album “Goblin”? A prime example. The title track, “Goblin,” is full-on dark – raging, depressed, taking aim at everything. This isn’t background music, it’s a gut punch. Let’s break down why it hits hard and how it launched Tyler into another level.

The Story Behind “Goblin”: How Tyler Created a Dark Masterpiece

“Goblin”, the title track of Tyler, the Creator’s debut album, dropped on May 10, 2011, and changed everything. It wasn’t just a song, it was like a punch in the gut for mainstream hip-hop. Let’s dig into how Tyler cooked up this unsettling masterpiece.

Who Made “Goblin” Happen

  • Tyler’s DIY Approach: This is Tyler doing Tyler. He produced most of the track himself, giving it that raw, unpolished sound he’s known for.
  • Odd Future Fam: Left Brain, another Odd Future member, gets a production credit too. That gritty vibe runs through the whole crew.

That Creepy Piano? Yeah, There’s a Story

  • “Goblin” samples “Clair de Lune,” a piece by this classical dude Debussy. Gives it that haunting, almost out of time feel.

Decoding the “Goblin” Sound

Decoding the Goblin Sound
Decoding the Goblin Sound
Think alternative hip-hop mixed with horrorcore. It’s punk energy meets disturbing lyrics, like Eminem on his darkest day.
Instruments that mess with you:
  • Synths twisted and harsh, setting that uneasy mood
  • Super simple drumbeat – all about that low-fi, raw feel
  • Piano (mostly the Debussy sample) – adds a chilling contrast
  • Weird sound effects that creep you out
Forget Normal Song Structure
  • “Goblin” ain’t your typical verse-chorus deal. It’s more like being trapped in Tyler’s therapy session from hell. Dr. TC talks, but mostly it’s Tyler raging and battling those inner demons.

Deep Dive into Tyler’s Twisted Mind: What “Goblin” is Really About

Okay, the lyrics of “Goblin” are intense. If you haven’t heard this one, buckle up, it’s a rollercoaster ride through a very dark headspace. Before we get into specifics, here’s the big picture:


  • Rage out of control: At everything – himself, society, even specific people he targets.
  • Deep depression and loneliness: Tyler reveals some super messed up feelings of isolation and despair.
  • Who am I?: There’s a struggle here about fame and wanting to belong, but also wanting to mess things up.
  • Nothing matters: Challenging what’s “normal”, questioning if anything has meaning.
Now, let’s take a glimpse at the full lyrics of this song:
You wouldn’t do that Tyler
Kill yourself, or anyone, you don’t even have the balls to begin with
What you need is me
I just want to talk to you, its been awhile since your last session
So tell me what’s been going
I’m not a fucking role model (I know this)
I’m a 19 year old fucking emotional coaster with pipe dreams
So Kanye tweeted tellin’ people, hes bumpin’ all of my shit
These motherfuckers think I’m supposed to live up to something? shit
I’m still jacking off and proceeding my life careless
And getting more pussy ’cause I tell bitches I’m Wood Harris (as you should)
LA to Paris, I’m getting these weird stares,
from skate parks and airports it’s all in the air, its weird
Yonkers dropped and left their craniums mind-fucked,
now competition missing like that nigga my mom fucked
He still hasn’t called me yet (it’s not your fault)
That’s a whole fucking different argument
Shit, I got over it
And a couple bucks in my pocket, so now I could go buy a couple hot pockets
So grandma can stop cooking those nasty ass colligreens
Pressures on me like this top hat bastard intro, how the fuck I’m gonna top that?
OK you guys caught me
I’m not a fucking rapist, or a serial killer, I lied
(You know, you just wanted attention)
I tried too hard huh?
Made a couple thou and I just don’t know what to buy yet
Supreme shit is free and I don’t drink so fuck a wine set
Nigga fuck a mindset, my brain is an obscenity
I’m fucked in the head, I lost my mind with my virginity
Oh, that’s a triple 3-6 isn’t he a devil worshiper?
’cause I’m too fucking ignorant to do some research
I’m a start a group,
so no one else gets the respect they deserve ’cause of you
(Bastard was good though)
What you think I recorded for?
To have a bunch of critics call my shit a bunch of horror core?
Like I didn’t make Parade or Inglorious
’cause I’m too fuckin’ scared to tell my friends the way I really fucking feel?
Of course they only listen
To lyrics about me pissing off
In the tombs of Lara Croft
I’m getting pissed off
Message boards are on my dick I need to piss away
Lemme bust one in they mouth, I know they feel the flavor
Can’t they just be happy for me like, a kid with nothing living out his dreams
Why they gotta fucking hate?
I don’t even skate anymore, I’m too fucking busy
I can barely kick flip now
People excited think this shit is so tight
Making me co-sign with rappers I don’t even like
What the fuck you want me to do? start to gobble this mic
Start jacking em off, till his cap blasting off
Fuck that, ’cause these niggas ain’t fuckin’ with me
’cause I don’t listen to the immortal tech of the nique
And all this underground bullshit can never gone peak
On the billboard top 20 and jam of the week
Id rather listen to Baduh and Pusha the T
And wacka flocka flame instead of that real hip hop that’s full of the shit
But they wanna critique
Everything the the wolf gang has ever released
But they don’t get it
’cause its not made for them
The nigga that’s in the mirror rapping, its made for him
But they do not have the mindset, that is same as him
I’m not weird, your just a fagot, shame on him
I’m not homophobic fagot
What the fuck is a good performance?
I get on stage and have as much fun as I can
Who doesn’t have ADD?! I don’t
Therapy’s been saying that niggas getting offended
They don’t wanna fuck with me ’cause I do not fuck with religion
But see that’s my decision you fuckers don’t have to listen
And here, put this middle finger in your ear
Someone gets blamed
If some white kid had aimed
His AK-47 at forty seven kids
And I don’t wanna see my name mentioned
College wasn’t working
And I wasn’t working
So I sat at home jerking off until my dick was hurting
But I was determined to be great
So this classes can wait
’cause those 4 days I went, I wasn’t learnin’ shit
Now I’m living dreams i’ve wanted since 8th
And I can afford to get my mother something on her birth, day
They claim the shit I say is just wrong
Like nobody has those really dark thoughts when alone
I;m just a teenager, who admits hes suicide prone
My life is doing pretty good
So that day is postponed for now
But wow, life’s a cute bitch full of estrogen
And when she gives you lemons nigga throw em at pedestrians
I still live in my grandmas house
Sell out a fuckin’ show in London just to end up on couches
I hate my fuckin’ life, but when I make that announcement
My hero calls my phone, just to put that in doubt then
And then I am confused and I want energists out
My friends really think I’m playing when I say I need counseling
I sit in grandmothers living room and just pout and shout
Loud inside
Sometimes I just wanna die
Odd future came from the bottom
And its gonna take a couple armed armies to stop em
All you fucking lames don’t have to like me
The devil doesn’t wear Prada, I’m clearly in a fucking white tee

The “Goblin” Persona

  • Tyler ain’t just rapping as himself, he becomes “Goblin.” It’s like his darkest side turned into a character. Gives him permission to go further than maybe even HE could normally.
  • Goblin is: Violent, self-destructive, totally disillusioned with the world.

The Controversy – It Was On Purpose

  • Slurs, graphic violence, hating on women…yeah, it’s brutal. But there’s a few things this could be about:
    • Letting off steam: An exaggerated way to vent all that rage and frustration.
    • “Screw you” to the world: Deliberately offensive to get attention and make people think.
    • Breaking the rules: Pushing boundaries to see what he can get away with.

Why “Goblin” is Important

Why Goblin is Important
Why Goblin is Important
  • Critics were torn: They hated the content, but couldn’t deny Tyler’s raw talent and unique voice.
  • Tyler’s breakout: This made people pay attention, like it or not. Established him as fearless, ready to make waves.
  • Later work: Even as his style changed, you can still hear that confrontational thing he started with “Goblin”.
  • Changed the game: “Goblin” resonated with people who were sick of the same-old stuff. Made it okay for hip-hop to get darker and weirder.

Bottom Line

“Goblin” is disturbing, but there’s no denying its power or the skill it took to make it. It’s one of Tyler’s rawest moments. Controversial? Hell yes. But it’s also a major piece of his career, and it makes you think about how far rappers can take their art.
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