Transform your living space into a Golf Wang oasis with a Tyler The Creator rug. Each step becomes a journey into creativity and individuality.

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Tyler The Creator Rug Collection: Live in Style

Do you feel that your room is kinda boring? Are you Tyler’s fan lover and looking for something to showcase your fandom? If so, check out our website and discover the world of Tyler The Creator Rug. These rap music decorative rugs are specially tailored for those who cherish the Odd Future member to bring Tyler’s vibe into their own life.

Discover the Best Selling Rugs in Our Tyler The Creator Rug Collection

Tyler the Creator Merch is excited to roll out the top 4 favorite Golf Wang area rugs. With vibrant colors and incredible design, each mug is a perfect addition to leveling up your personal space. Scroll down to explore some worth-buying musician-inspired floor coverings on our website.

Call Me If You Get Lost Rug – TTCR8

Inspired by the 6th studio of Wolf Haley, The “Call Me If You Get Lost Rug – TTCR8” holds the soul of Tyler’s performance nights in his same-name tour. Crafted from superior materials, this best-selling rug promises long-lasting use while offering a cozy and comfortable sensation underfoot. Simple design but meaningful, this Odd Future home decor is an invitation to step into your own journey of self-exploration.

Flower Boy Rug – TTCR4

In contrast with the first mat, the second one brings us creativity and dynamic feeling. Capturing the artwork of Tyler’s 2017 album, with bright colors and floral design, making it a must-have for anyone who wants to add a highlight to their space. They’re sure to impress anyone, even the picky shopper.

Tyler The Creator Tour Rug – TTCR9

Tailored to celebrate the iconic moments of Call Me If You Get Lost tour, this special item – Tyler The Creator Tour Rug reminds you of the dynamic energy of Tyler’s live performances. Fabricated from first-class materials, this rug offers both a soft feel and durability to last many years, making it the best choice to connect your favorite artist to your living space. This music artist rug intrigues your passion and brings complete relaxation after busy days.

Selecting Your Ideal Tyler The Creator Rug: A Style Guide

While shopping for a hip-hop artist-themed carpet is very interesting, finding the perfect one for your space online can be quite a tough task because there are so many items to choose from. Read below to find some tips to make a confident choice
  • Rug Materials: Choose a material that is soft, plush and long-lasting. It is good for your feet and completes your downtime.
  • Rug Sizes: Make sure to check the size guide and refer to your space to scop out what size is best for your space. Don’t worry, we offer many sizes to suit any room.
  • Pattern: Think about Tyler’s era you like most, then choose the best theme for the rugs. Each rug has different meanings, and each work of art holds a backstory as unique as yours.

More than A Rug

Transform your living space into Tyler’s museum with our exclusive Tyler The Creator Rug collection, where each item shows your music and fashion affection. Now that you know everything about our musician-inspired floor coverings, it’s time to renew your room and turn every step in your home into a declaration of style and fandom!