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The Exclusive Tyler The Creator Poster Collection: Unlock the World of Tyler

Transform your own space into your one-of-a-kind Tyler museum by hanging out our Tyler The Creator Poster Collection. Each poster tells a story about his music and fashion journey, and they are all waiting for you to explore.

Discover the Top 4 Bestselling Posters in Our Tyler The Creator Collection

Why did these posters receive a lot of love from Tyler’s fans? Slide down to unveil the answer to this question.

Tyler The Creator Poster – TTCP11

As Tyler’s fan, we bet that you’re familiar with this poster, it’s the cover of Tyler’s sixth studio album – “Call Me If You Get Lost”. Tyler is standing in the sunflower field-it seems like he is waiting for his fans to go with him to explore the rap world. Do you wanna go with him?

IGOR Album List Poster – TTCP12

Bring “Igor’s theme” into your own room with our IGOR Album List Poster. What could be better than playing Igor’s playlist while enjoying this fabulous poster, Tyler’s fans? Try it now!

Tyler The Creator Album Extended Cover Poster – TTCP22

With the iconic image of Tyler – the bees and sunflower field, Tyler The Creator Album Extended Cover Poster is considered as a wing for you to fly to the new land. Avoiding the hustle and bustle of life and having special moments with our poster is simple with one click.

IGOR Poster – TTCP6

Capturing the essence of the IGOR era’s unique vibe, the IGOR Poster is sure to be a unique spot in your corner. Music is medicine! Trust us, lie down, enjoy this poster while listening to every note and lyric of this album, and then let Tyler’s music heal you.

Which Tyler The Creator Poster is the best?

What’s the best Tyler The Creator Poster in this collection? It’s truly a tough question and we have no answer to it. The best depends on you. We recommend you should consider a few things:
  • First, think about the theme of the poster. Which era is your favorite? Which moment brings you the most emotion?
  • Secondly, consider where the poster will be hung. The space as well as the color around can affect the poster.
  • Lastly, ponder the connection between you and the poster. A meaningful poster will add depth and significance to your life. Remember, the best is the one that not only looks great but also holds special meaning to you as a Tyler fan.


Hanging out our Tyler The Creator poster is the easiest way to decorate your space while still expressing your own taste in art. Tyler The Creator Merch offers a range of top-notch posters with a variety of designs to make your room more interesting and impressive. Buy now!