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Tyler The Creator Pillow: Rest in Style

As fans of Tyler, Tyler The Creator Pillow is an indispensable item in your private place to sleep. A good pillow can recall Tyler’s special moments and bring moments of wonderful relaxation to you. Lay down in your own bed with our exclusive pillows while enjoying the spirit of Tyler’s performances. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Discover Our Bestselling Tyler The Creator Pillows

Tyler The Creator Mugshot Pillow – TTCPL7

Capture the iconic moment of Tyler, this Tyler The Creator Mugshot Pillow adds a spotlight to your sleeping space. It brings fun and energy to you every morning. We believe that your friend will say “Wow” and laugh out loud when entering your bedroom.

Tyler The Creator My Farts Keeping Me Up Pillow – TTCPL8

Simple design but meaningful, our Tyler The Creator My Farts Keeping Me Up Pillow is one of the most favorite items in this collection. It infuses your space with a playful vibe with a humorous name, perfect for fans who enjoy his sense of humor alongside the music.

Tyler The Creator Square Pillow – TTCPL10

Adding a bold splash of color to your bed with Tyler The Creator Square Pillow. This singular item is an ideal choice for those who cherish Tyler’s 4th album – Flower Boy to connect with their favorite artist as well as the rap community.

Choosing Your Ideal Tyler The Creator Pillow: A Cozy Guide

If you’re wondering which pillow is the best, here are some tips:
  • Think about where you will put it: a centerpiece on your couch or your bed
  • Check the color of the place where the pillow will go and consider the vibe you want
  • Ponder the theme you like: which Tyler’s era touches your heart and motivates you?


Crafted to blend comfortably and fashion, Tyler The Creator Merch offers supreme pillows to fans as mementos of his music journey. Add your favorite pillow to your cart now and start transforming your bed into Tyler’s world today!