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Cancellation Policy

🎢 Tune Change? Our Tyler The Creator Merch Cancellation Policy
At Tyler The Creator Official Shop, we get it – sometimes the vibe changes, just like the eclectic beats of Tyler The Creator. Our cancellation policy is as adaptable as the beats in ‘See You Again’
πŸ•’ Quick Shifts, Like Flipping to Your Favorite Tyler Track
You’ve got 24 hours – about the time it takes to groove through your top Tyler The Creator album. If your mood flips and you need to cancel, just do it before the final track. Tap pause on that order within a day, and we’ll smoothly reverse your transaction, as slick as a DJ scratch.
πŸ“§ How to Cancel: Drop Us a Beat
Feeling a change of heart faster than a Tyler beat switch? Easy. Send an email to [email protected] within that 24-hour window. If you’re on beat, your order will vanish like an unreleased track – full refund, no strings attached.
🎡 Missed the Beat? Post-24 Hours
Once the 24-hour window has elapsed, halting your Tyler The Creator Merch order might not be feasible. But don’t lose your groove – our Returns Policy will keep the good vibes rolling.
Your shopping rhythm is important to us. We’re here to make your experience with Tyler The Creator Merch as dynamic and unforgettable as Tyler’s own tunes.