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Colossus When Tyler Gets Real About the Price of Fame

“Colossus”: When Tyler, The Creator Gets Real About the Price of Fame

Okay, Tyler, The Creator isn’t exactly known for emotional ballads. But “Colossus”? That track hits you in the gut. On his album “Wolf”, he peels back the crazy persona for a minute, gets real about the struggle that comes with success. If you’re a fan, or even just curious about what makes this guy tick, this is one you gotta dive into.

Forget What You Expect: Tyler and the “Wolf” Era

Love him or hate him, Tyler’s always been an artist who makes noise. But the “Wolf” album… that was a turning point for him. Yeah, there’s still that wild energy, but there’s also raw honesty, grappling with who he’s becoming. And right in the mix is “Colossus”, where he takes a hard look in the mirror.

Tyler, The Creator’s “Answer”: When Fame Gets Weird

Tyler, The Creator's Answer When Fame Gets Weird
Tyler, The Creator’s Answer When Fame Gets Weird
Yo, “Answer” by Tyler, The Creator? Messes with your head, right? It’s raw, honest, and kinda confusing – perfect reflection of what fame can feel like. Tyler’s going through it, figuring out if this whole success thing is even worth it. Check these lines:
  • “I’m a f*cking walking paradox, no I’m not” – One minute he’s flexing, the next he’s like, “what’s even the point?” Is that classic Tyler, or is fame making him question everything?
  • “Threw his hands up and said ‘it’s sabotage'” – Who’s he mad at? Critics? The whole industry? Maybe even holding himself back?
This track hits on ambition, the dark side of being famous, and trying to stay real in the middle of it all. “Answer” doesn’t spell everything out, but it definitely gets the wheels turning. You obsessed with digging into lyrics? Check it out now!
Went to six flags
Six fags came up and said “ayo can we get a pic?” I said no
And they said “oh it’s wolf gang, Yonkers, goblin is my shit though”
Now I’m like, fuck, I don’t want to be an asshole
So I’m sitting there posing with Travis, Devon
With a fake smile like her titties was drawing it on
So fucking annoyed because I missed Goliath
Cause some kid said I was there then they caused a riot
Now I’m surrounded by a 25 hound of fuckers tryna get a photo
All because they noticed the top with the box logo
And them fucking ears, guarantee they didn’t even hear bastard
They bandwagon-jumped me from a pogo, I’m going fucking loco
“Hey Tyler can I” no, bitch, don’t you see me tryna buy a fucking churro?
“But Tyler, you’re my hero, I used to get bullied
Until I heard radicals, the last part got to me
See, I used to give a fuck until my cock would bleed
Now I’m the happiest I think I’ll ever ever be
My life is just like yours, no father
My momma must have forgot to stop with a pop condom
In school I was the one thinking outside boxes
So everybody in them would say that I got problems
So when I heard you say it, I said it back like fuck ’em
You’re in inspiration to niggas like me
Not the niggas who like you just cause of lyrics and beats
I’m talking about the niggas who don’t know where they’re going to be
I heard the song bastard right in the moment of heat
Not in summer, but of course I was holding a heat
Gun on the edge of my feet, I heard that first piano chord
And it drew me in like predators carrying treats
Then I said to myself fuck is he speaking to me
See me and you we go together like snare in a beat
I mean snare and a kick drum, see my forearm
I carved of on it this morning with a glass shard
On my green mini ramp that I built in my backyard (that’s weird)
That’s hard, that scar from playing air guitar
When I see you play at the Roxy (uh)
Tyler, I love you, I wanna be just like you (alright)
I think about your face and I don’t even fucking try to (no homo)
Wish I had a basement mitt for me to hide you
We could play Xbox and listen to ‘in search of’ and eat donuts
Over conversating about what church does
Come up with weird ass videos with roach bugs
I’m straight edge too, so no drugs on this trip
And Raquel that bitch, you should’ve killed that bitch
You should’ve took me instead (uh, that’s weird)
See, if you can’t have her then he shouldn’t neither
And if I can’t have you then she shouldn’t either
No one should see you, but me in your t-shirt
I worship you until the fucking wrinkles on my knees hurt (what the fuck)
Odd future, wolf gang, golf wang, flog gnaw, free earl mobbin’
I know it seems like just I’m slobbing on your knob
But I’m just a fan and I ain’t losing my fucking noggin (yeah you are)
I ain’t got a job and I went out and bought goblin about 5 times
Cause (thanks for the support) I love you man (alright)
I like tie-dyed tees or just plain white tees, I like pants that’s cut
I like words like fuck, I got your pics on my wall
With the mouth cut out, now paper cuts on my balls
Cause your dicks in my jaw (what the fuck)
And I hit you on twitter about 10 minutes a day
And I’m bitter cause you don’t even reply with a hey (sorry)
And my boys think I’m gay cause I play VCR
In my car all alone speakers waking up neighbors
Alright my nigga, calm down, it’s getting weird, take this pic
So I can get on colossus, line as slow as molasses
(Tyler listen) no nigga I see you are loving my shit
And I appreciate the fact that you would suck on my dick
But I’m not gay so its awkward, now I’m grouchy like Oscar
After spilling some shit on his newest pair of beige dockers
Yonkers and Yonkers (I love that song)
Sick of hearing about Yonkers
I’m grateful that it worked, I attacked and I conquered
“Yeah whatever but I had a fucking blast at that concert
I was at the Boston one, I got a t-shirt from Sagan
The one that says Sagan Lockhart
And when you came out to sandwiches
That’s when my fucking boycrush got started”
Just take this fucking picture man, shit

What Does It All Mean?

That’s the million-dollar question, right? “Colossus” could be Tyler’s way of saying fame ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, or maybe it’s him spitting back at anyone who expects him to be a certain way.
This song probably mirrors what Tyler was going through, blowing up so fast. Did it get a mixed reaction? Of course, it’s Tyler! But that’s part of why it matters – it made people talk about real stuff, not just the usual shock value.

Your Turn

How do YOU read “Colossus”? Does it hit home about success, changing who you are, or something else entirely? Let’s spill the tea in the comments!

“Colossus”: This Is Tyler Like You’ve Never Heard Him

Colossus This Is Tyler Like You've Never Heard Him
Colossus This Is Tyler Like You’ve Never Heard Him
Forget those hype beats and wild lyrics – “Colossus” hits different. It’s raw, moody…the kind of track that makes you stop and listen. It’s like he took off his usual persona, left all the BS at the door, and just poured out what was in his head.
Those eerie samples, the sparse beat… it sets this unsettling mood, perfectly matches the mess of emotions he’s wrestling with. You can almost feel the tension, those flashes of “screw it all” attitude battling against the doubt and pressure. That’s the whole point of the “Wolf” album, right? Getting honest, even when it’s ugly.

Why This Matters

This is where Tyler showed us he’s got more depth than shock value. It’s about the struggle of fame, about questioning who you become. We ALL get that on some level, fan or not.
Did “Colossus” change hip-hop forever? Who knows, but it was part of this shift where artists started getting real, not just flexing. That kind of honesty has staying power.

Listen For Yourself

If you’re curious about the REAL Tyler, “Colossus” is a must-listen. It’s not a party anthem, it’s the track you put on late at night, when you’re thinking about the big stuff. Intense, messy, and damn thought-provoking. That’s what makes it stick with you.
Find it on Spotify, Apple Music – everywhere. But be warned, this one might get under your skin.
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